Jammie T. Jackson

How is office automation and group collaboration software used in my work environment

Computer and Information Processing CIS/319
University of Phoenix
Heather Dougherty
November 3, 2007

I am a member of the Louisiana Air National Guard 159th Fighter Wing. I??™ve been in this Squadron for eight and a half years. This squadron is broken off into units. For example, my unit is Security Forces, which is another name for military police. In addition to my unit, we have communication, aircraft maintenance, medical, and so on. Some of our application software consists of Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel. Some of the group ware consists of Microsoft office Outlook and Microsoft Office Share Point.
As mentioned before one of the application software used is Word which is used for a number of things. One usage would be writing letters that could be sent and viewed by other units. If a troop??™s behavior or actions does not meet the Air Force standards, then disciplinary actions are taking towards the troop. The documents the troop could receive are a LOC which is a Letter of Counseling or a LOR which is a Letter of Reprimand. Two documents that can affect a troop when it is time for promotion.
The advantages of Microsoft Office Word are that it features many tools for editing text like, bullets and numbering, alignment, and paragraphs. It also includes a selection of different languages and fonts. In addition, it gives the person using the program the option of adding clip art onto there document. In my opinion, this is a wonderful program and there are no disadvantages that I could find or think of.
Another application software used by my squadron is Microsoft Office Excel. This software is mainly used to keep things organized. For example, I??™m assigned with a task of ensuring all troops in my unit complete an annual training. I would type in one of the columns the troop??™s names. Then type in one of the columns completed and in another not completed. Print this out and it helps me keep an accurate count of who has completed and who has not completed the training. Another way Excel is used by our squadron is keeping an accurate location of our aircraft. This is called an aircraft plot. There are two ramps and different spots that are numbered were the aircraft would be located. There is also a wash wrack where the aircraft is washed. All this information plus more is stored on a spread sheet. Every time an aircraft is moved or has a flight MOCC updates the spread sheet. The aircraft is a priority to Security Forces as well. Security has to keep up with the location and making sure the right person or persons should be working on or flying the aircraft. Security can also access the aircraft plot. The advantages of Microsoft Office Excel are it keeps data organized and better managed. This is another program that I think there are no disadvantages.
Some of the group ware that is used by my squadron and unit are Outlook and Share Point. Outlook is a great source of communication through out our squadron. We are always multitasked, so sending an email is better that making a phone call. For example, speaking to someone verbally isn??™t always good. What if you gave another member a call reminding them of a task that due by noon on that date If the task is not complete and someone has to take responsibility for it, since you pass this information to the member verbally it can be there word against ours. Now, if you would have sent that member an email and someone had to take responsibility for that task not being completed; you have concrete evidence that could back you up. We also use Outlook to send members documents like, letters, pictures and power points.
The advantages are when sending a group of people the same email, enabling you to put the individuals address in the field without exposing all the email address to the other recipients. A disadvantage would have to be the BCC. I say this because at my job it is used against you. Just say you were the person that was sent an email telling you that a task has to be completed by noon. This same email can be sent to you and BCC to your supervisor without you knowing. What if you were not able to finish this task Your supervisor may think your are irresponsible.
The other group ware that is used by my squadron would be Share Point. Every few years our squadron has an ORI (Operation Readiness Inspection). This inspection determines whether our Squadron stays open or closed. Share Point is used so the entire squadron have the same understanding of what is going on. On this web page a member can view things like, Force Protection, weather, battle station number, documents, contacts, and so on. The advantage is that a web page can be created directly from existing Microsoft Office Word 2007 documents. As of now, I don??™t know any of the disadvantages. Maybe one could be the information you need is on a document that is not Word 2007 and would have to transfer that information to the Word 2007 document.